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  • Garnock Valley Traditional Music Group
    - a local mixed instrument group.

  • Glasgow Fiddle Workshop
    From a small town north of Ayrshire. We hear they're not bad.

  • Celtic Connections
    Small local international music festival with a few traditional music bookings.

  • Scots Fiddle Festival
    Popular Edinburgh event; bring sandwiches cos you'll have had your tea.

  • The .abc home page
    ABC is a form of notation which has been devised to be readable by both computers and people. It was devised particularly for traditional and folk music but has been adopted elsewhere, too. Various 'player' programs are available for Windows PCs, Apple Macs, and many other computer platforms. There are many websites where music is stored in this format and is available for download.

  • The Session.org
    Lots of music is available here as well as various discussions and advice about playing traditional music.

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